Dr. Ravindra Nanda – An Award-Winning Orthodontist

Dr. Ravindra Nanda spent his childhood in Lyallpur, British India, and was the youngest child in his family. Professor Ravindra Nanda pursued his Bachelors in Dental Sciences from the King Georges Medical College, the Lucknow University, and then he decided to pursue Post Graduation under the guidance of his elder brother Dr. Ram S Nanda, who was the Head of the Department at Lucknow University at that time.

Dr Ravindra NandaAfter receiving the master degree in dentistry and orthodontics, he moved to Europe and joined Katholieke Universiteit, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. After that, in the year 1969, he received Ph.D. in Philosophy. After serving as an Assistant Professor for a few years, he then joined Loyola Dental School in Chicago. From there, Dr. Nanda went to the University of Connecticut as the professor in orthodontics and received his certificate in orthodontics from Dr. Charles Burstone.

He is now Chair of the Division of Orthodontics at University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. He is the crucial part of the finding of Dental Medicine and has been serving at the University of Connecticut since 1972.

Since then, Dr. Ravindra Nanda has been the prominent faculty member in the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. In addition to teaching the students who are on the journey to becoming orthodontists, he also offers lectures to other dental students. Over the last 4 decades, Ravindra Nanda is associated with the field of Orthodontics. Being a keynote speaker, he has delivered lectures in more than 40 countries. He has been honored with many awards from national as well as international organizations.

Apart from the university, Professor Ravindra Nanda has been invited by other universities as well as countries for lectures on various topics of orthodontists, including contemporary orthodontics, Temporomandibular joint diseases & orthodontics acceleration of orthodontic treatment, managing complex patients with TAD’s and surgery, and so on. Recently, at the 40th Annual Meeting in Sunny Orlando, Florida, The College Of Diplomates honored Dr. Nanda as “A Legend in Orthodontics”.

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