Dr. Ravindra Nanda Invests his Knowledge for the Better Future of his Students

In every step of his globe-trotting career, Dr. Ravindra Nanda has played a huge role in his rewarding journey as a mentor, editor, guide, author, professor friend that means a lot to his students and colleagues. In every step of his knowledge sharing, he creates a healthy mixture of creativity and logic. He shares vast knowledge which assists the students and helps them gain the success in the Orthodontics field.

He followed his family legacy and joined orthodontics field as a dental surgery student at King George’s Medical College in the year 1960 at Lucknow University. There he earned his bachelor’s and master’s in Dental science. After this, he moved to the Netherlands to pursue his Ph.D. from the University of Nijmegen School of Dentistry and received his fellowship in the Orthodontics. His great efforts and the keen interest in the field allowed him to earn another degree from the University Of Connecticut School Of Dental Medicine, he received certification in Orthodontics in 1978 under the guidance of Dr. Charles.

He began his career as an Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut. It gave him a chance to row a remarkable career. He got retired as the Head of the Department of Craniofacial Sciences and the Chair of the Division of Orthodontics. At the present stage, he serves as a professor emeritus in the University of Connecticut and become a major part of Orthodontics society by attending conferences and seminars.

Recently, he went to a seminar that recognizes as an important event in China, it was a three days seminar which was held at Shanghai Jiaotong University. This conference was based on Temporomandibular joint diseases and Orthodontics. Dr. Ravindra Nanda was invited to share his views on it and he was an English speaking presenter there. He spoke on “Can we speed Orthodontic Treatment”. Professor Nanda has written lots of books and articles on Orthodontics and was awarded for his great contribution in the field of orthodontics.

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